Thoughts from the Artist

You know many of us are the person that other people have expected us to be. Not the people we were meant to be. I spent the first years of my life trying to live up to my parents and their expectations for me which I never satisfied, my grandfatherRead More →

The finger wiped the top of the mirror and looking at the dust on that finger, the person it belonged to tutted under her breath.  She washed her hand under the tap and screwed the water off again, looking in the mirror before leaving the bathroom.  She swept a strayRead More →

Many months ago I fell in love with a frog.  I mean seriously lol I love frogs anyway but this one was particularly handsome.  Unfortunately I was informed by his creator, Melissa Bittinger, that he probably had a home to go to, so I went frogless that day. Very recentlyRead More →