Thoughts from the Artist (Page 2)

From my book Into the Dark  AT THE END OF THE WALK ​During the day walkers would park their weary bottoms, slug from water bottles, and then continue up on their journeys. Dogs would poke inquisitive noses into the bracken whilst their owners stopped to check their map. Couples wouldRead More →

From my book Into the Dark  THE GARDENER ​ Julia sat in the park on the same bench every day. She liked to come here and watch people walking through, or having their outside lunch, to take her mind of her own loneliness. She knew some of them now. TheRead More →

From my book Into the Dark  ANGER They’re talking to me again. They’re smiling and grimacing and shattering my feelings again ​ They say things like, ‘we understand.’ ‘we care.’ ‘we know where you are coming from.’ ​ BOLLOCKS ​ Nobody understands, or cares or gets it ​ Scrunching heart.Read More →

From my book Into the Dark  THE VISITOR ​ Hearing a noise she froze, listening, alert. She must not be found here. The boy startled her anew as his nose pressed against the window suddenly, squeaking against the cold pane. ​ She needed him to open the window, to climbRead More →