My pups are going to be so happy with me!!!

So, the other night on Facebook, I showed a photo of the pups on my single bed, legs akimbo, with me squished up one end.  I have needed a new one since the collapsed bed debacle and thought now was about time.

Yesterday I went second hand bed shopping but could not afford one, even from the charity shops (they really charge as new nowadays)

My new bed!

I saw one that I did not love but was more in my price range.  However I decided to travel to another shop some distance away, just in case.  When I found nothing in that one, I started the drive back to the first bed.  But, all the way there I was, “Shall I?  Shan’t I?”  It did not feel right and was money I cannot afford really. So, instead, I just turned off and drove home.

I came home, grabbed a coffee and popped onto the marketplace on Facebook, just on the off chance …and the first thing I see, top of the page, and just put up, is a sleigh style bed, for £40!!!

King Size!!!


So I know how fast they go, but put out a feeler anyway, and it is mine!!! They are delivering it too on Thursday as they want it out of the house!!

The pups are going to be so happy with me and, well, I am quite chuffed myself 🙂


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