This story is dedicated to Someone who enjoys my writing, Melissa. I hope you enjoy :). —————- the Problem With Love. By Isabella Shores She ducked down behind the curtain as he looked up at her window.  The new neighbour.  The Adonis!  The most beautiful boy on earth! Sitting on her bed, homeworkRead More →

All the little kiddies were playing around the brook. Lovely day for it with the weather hot and calm after colder days. It would storm soon thought the old timer as he looked up at the grey skies a few miles off. He watched the kids splishing and a splashingRead More →

Good morning everyone. Spent yesterday evening training family fluff Miss Hannah for her TV debut, if we get one….. She’s learning so many words. She can pray, dance, and a few other things. She won’t crawl though. We’ll get there. So another late night and then early start with MrRead More →

Purchase this print  The Crow Tree Trees Series Isabella Shores YoursByShores This image shows the journey of life. At the start of the climb we see green lush leaves. As we climb further it should get easier but the paths are less and the holds further apart. The top isRead More →

I have two tanks here. One with 3 Shebunkins, a hexagonal aquarium that would hold more than the three so I may get a couple of other types of goldfish In the large rectangular tank there are only 2 fish left from a much larger number. Over the years theyRead More →