Saturday morning brunch in Mayflower Village was normally a chatty affair. Mabel, Mildred and Millicent (or the three M’s as Mummy had called them) were, every week without fail, sitting outside drinking tea and partaking of one of the wonderful cakes that Sally Parkins made every morning before opening. ThisRead More →

Pitter Patter. Pitter Patter. The windscreen wipers sloshed the water off one side of the window and then dragged grime back to the other. Charlie grumbled and scrunched up his eyes, as if that would help him see better through the wet dirt. He leaned over the wheel and peeredRead More →

It was still early when he turned into the lay-by. Parking up he turned off his lights and pushed back his seat.  He leaned over to his glovebox and pulled out a cheese sandwich and bottle of water and placed them on the passenger seat. “Do you want anything?”  HeRead More →

The security guard shouted as he ran after the small figure jumping in and out between the cars. ‘OI! Stop you!’ The shape in front of him suddenly veered off to the left, down a dark alley filled with bins and rubbish.  The guard nearly overshot it but skidded toRead More →