A bird startled her, screeching a warning as she stepped on a brittle twig, which scrunched under her foot.  She stepped backwards in alarm and brown leaves rustled as she disturbed them.  The bird flew off, wings humming against the silence. She raised her ungloved hands and pulled on herRead More →

This story is from my dream last night….. —— The twins walked through the alley with the bag of shopping they had just purchased from the store.  Edith, slender and dark, her brother tall, handsome and sullen.  Edith was trying to tell her brother about an event earlier that dayRead More →

The finger wiped the top of the mirror and looking at the dust on that finger, the person it belonged to tutted under her breath.  She washed her hand under the tap and screwed the water off again, looking in the mirror before leaving the bathroom.  She swept a strayRead More →

From my book Into the Dark  AT THE END OF THE WALK ​During the day walkers would park their weary bottoms, slug from water bottles, and then continue up on their journeys. Dogs would poke inquisitive noses into the bracken whilst their owners stopped to check their map. Couples wouldRead More →